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Hayko Riemenschneider enjoying food in Istanbul!

This website will soon contain more of my food photography, recipes and perhaps
a new food dataset for recognition, detection and cuisine advice. :)

Food recipes [German only]

List of real burger places in Graz:

  • Indicio - fresh and juicy, yet only delivery
  • Brot und Spiele - grossartiger Klassiger in Graz
  • Weitzer Speisesaal
  • Cafe Sonnenstrasse - Ab Jaenner 2012
  • Propeller, Zinsendorfgasse
  • American King Cadillac Diner, Schoenaugasse 3
  • Molly Mallone's Irish Pub
  • Flann O'Brien Irish Pub
  • Hooters
  • Granola, Bahnhofguertel 8 - to try
  • Bierbaron, Heinrichstrasse - Burgerbausatz
  • Thomawirt - Weissbrotburger
  • Salz und Pfeffer
  • Boergerei - out of business

  • List of steak places in Graz:
  • Thomawirt - unbelievable!
  • Clocktower - amazing, but pricy
  • Condor - just expensive
  • Roxx - very juicy and good quality meat
  • Steak boutique, Bindergasse 1 - to try
  • Tichuana - large steaks for good value
  • Gloecklbraeu - excellente, suprise deal
  • Funny steak link [cheek, nose, chin test]

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